LEADwell Conference by Demitrius T. Barksdale

LEADwell Conference by Demitrius T. Barksdale

The LEADwell conference, along with the Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative, is also in partnership with the city and community of Brewton, Alabama, a small rural community of approximately 5,261 individuals (United States Census Bureau, 2021).

This program is an advocacy effort to bring awareness to holistic health and wellness practices and resources for rural community members and leaders to lead themselves well in their daily lives, careers, and community advocacy efforts. For this conference and proposal, holistic health & wellness has been defined as financial, mental, & physical wellness, and medical health.

This initiative will bring educational awareness of holistic health information and resources to the community of Brewton, AL, through practicality and community engagement. Holistic health information and implications will be discussed in smaller group settings (25 participants or less), larger group settings (25 – 35 participants), and through panel discussions with local health experts. Through the provision of resources and practical tools, LEADwell is destined to equip community members and leaders to live their lives and to serve their communities and life’s purposes better. The conference was concluded on August 5th, 2023.

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