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Demitrius T. Barksdale


Gandhi-King Success Story I am Demitrius T. Barksdale, a proud Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative Scholar of the inaugural program in 2022 at The University of Alabama (UA). I have had the privilege of being at the University of Alabama for roughly 13 years. Attending and working full-time at this great institution has been life-changing for many reasons. Throughout the countless educational, research, service, and leadership opportunities I have been afforded, personally and professionally, my life has accrued the greatest investments from some of the world’s greatest individuals and student engagement resources offered at the Capstone. This summer, I was extended an [...]

Demitrius T. Barksdale2023-08-14T15:13:18+05:30

LEADwell Conference by Demitrius T. Barksdale


LEADwell Conference by Demitrius T. Barksdale The LEADwell conference, along with the Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative, is also in partnership with the city and community of Brewton, Alabama, a small rural community of approximately 5,261 individuals (United States Census Bureau, 2021). This program is an advocacy effort to bring awareness to holistic health and wellness practices and resources for rural community members and leaders to lead themselves well in their daily lives, careers, and community advocacy efforts. For this conference and proposal, holistic health & wellness has been defined as financial, mental, & physical wellness, and medical [...]

LEADwell Conference by Demitrius T. Barksdale2023-08-18T22:48:51+05:30

The Project Health by Michael Gullakunta and Srilaya Gottimukkala


The Project Health by Michael Gullakunta and Srilaya Gottimukkala The Project Health was executed in two parts where the Part I of the program consisted of implementation and documentation of training sessions on different aspects of health, including physical well-being and hygiene. The aim was to provide training on different aspects of health not limited to physical aspects, well-being, and hygiene. Two CPR sessions were conducted at two different locations. This was a training on CPR that took place at St. Ann’s College for Women and St. Pious College. These sessions empowered youth in the [...]

The Project Health by Michael Gullakunta and Srilaya Gottimukkala2023-08-18T23:36:25+05:30

Sensory Toys and Therapeutic Classrooms by Bree Williams


Sensory Toys and Therapeutic Classrooms by Bree Williams   West Mobile Academy (WMA) is a day treatment program in Mobile, AL. It is housed inside the BayPointe Hospital (the only children’s psychiatric hospital in Alabama). WMA partners with Mobile County Public School System as well as Chickasaw, Saraland, and Satsuma City School Systems. WMA provides a therapeutic classroom setting as well as a structured day treatment setting for elementary to high school students. Most of the students receive special education services and are unable to maintain appropriate behaviors in public schools. With the GKSEI seed grant, I [...]

Sensory Toys and Therapeutic Classrooms by Bree Williams2023-08-18T23:42:04+05:30

“Neyge” by Lavanya Nijaguni Kattegoudar and Roydon Jonathan Dsa


“Neyge” by Lavanya Nijaguni Kattegoudar and Roydon Jonathan Dsa   We, two Gandhi-King Scholars, prepared an enthralling event highlighting the skill of weaving unique to the region of Udupi in partnership with Gandhian Centre Philosophical for Arts and Sciences, MAHE, Manipal. "Neyge" is the Kannada word for Weaving. We aimed to create an experience which will leave an audience captivated with the vivid, exquisite textiles being created that use hand-weaving techniques which have been passed down for generations in the region of Udupi. Through this meaningful celebration of art and sustainability, we strived to bring [...]

“Neyge” by Lavanya Nijaguni Kattegoudar and Roydon Jonathan Dsa2023-08-18T23:42:17+05:30

Dr King’s Legacy


Dr King’s Legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an iconic figure within the American Civil Rights Movement, whose influence extends far beyond his role as a charismatic orator. The legacy of Dr. King stands as a critical juncture in the socio-political landscape of the not just United States but countries all over. A comprehensive examination of his life and legacy reveals a nuanced narrative characterized by evolving strategies, internal tensions, and an enduring impact on the discourse of civil rights and social justice. Dr. King's advocacy for racial equality and nonviolent resistance became emblematic of the [...]

Dr King’s Legacy2023-08-18T23:24:32+05:30

Why was Gandhi a ‘Mahatma’?


Why was Gandhi a ‘Mahatma’? Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's life exemplified simplicity and humility. His renunciation of material excess and embrace of a lifestyle in harmony with nature weren't symbolic gestures; they were deliberate choices rooted in spiritual ideals. This humility wasn't a display of weakness; it reflected his broader vision for a society where human needs are met without exploitation. The honorific "Mahatma" attributed to Gandhi, encapsulates a profound spiritual and socio-political journey that defies conventional classification. Examining the philosophy and life's work of Gandhi through a Gandhian lens reveals multifaceted dimensions that contribute to his universal recognition [...]

Why was Gandhi a ‘Mahatma’?2023-08-18T23:31:30+05:30

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion The convergent ideologies of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are exemplified through the perspectives and actions of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These prominent figures, operating within distinct socio-cultural contexts, nonetheless provide a lens through which to examine the dynamics of societal transformation and the complexities of achieving meaningful social inclusion. Mahatma Gandhi's doctrine of nonviolent resistance embodies a nuanced approach to addressing systemic inequalities. While he advocated for the inherent dignity of all individuals, his advocacy for economic equity went beyond symbolic gestures. Gandhi's notion of an inclusive society [...]

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion2023-08-18T23:26:44+05:30
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